Rapids Parkway Extension

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The City of Sarnia is undertaking a Schedule ‘C’ Environmental Assessment (EA) to extend The Rapids Parkway and Howard Watson Nature Trail from Sandpiper Drive to Exmouth Street under Highway 402.  Over the course of 2019 the EA study will select a preferred road and nature trail design to serve travel demands of motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and transit expected from planned development in the surrounding area between Highway 402 and Blackwell Road.  It will assess environmental impacts of the extension, confirm the preferred design and identify possible mitigation measures.  Timing of the road/trail extension is uncertain as it is dependent on the pace of growth in the surrounding planned development area and on Ministry of Transportation plans to repair the Highway 402 underpass.

The need and justification for The Rapids Parkway/Howard Watson Nature Trail extension was confirmed in the City’s 2014 Transportation Master Plan, satisfying Phase 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class EA process.  It has also been planned since the mid-1990’s and is included in the City of Sarnia Official Plan and Development Area 1 Secondary Plan.  This study is being conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process for Schedule C undertaking.  This will include opportunities for consultation with the general public, involved agencies, First Nations and other stakeholders.

The Howard Watson Nature Trail is an important asset to the City.  The Study will focus on ways to mitigate the impact to the trail and to ensure that the modified section of the trail maintains its unique character.  The Study will also consider the timing of the road extension and if an interim improvement to the trail crossing at Exmouth should be implemented in advance.

A Public Information Centre drop-in was held to present preliminary study information and receive public feedback:

Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Place: St. Patrick’s Catholic High School – 1001 The Rapids Parkway

Study team members will be in attendance to discuss the Study status and answer questions about the Study purpose and process, traffic conditions, environmental conditions, preliminary road and nature trail designs and impact mitigation (i.e. noise, vegetation, drainage).

If you have any questions about this Public Information Centre, want to provide Study Input, or if you want to be added to the Study mailing list to receive notice about future meetings please contact:

David Jackson, P.Eng., PMP – Acting Director of Engineering

City of Sarnia

Phone: 519-332-0527 ext. 3279

Please use the digital feedback form to provide input related to public information session number 1.


Rapids Preliminary Design Concept

Rapids Public Meeting Final Rapids Parkway June 18, 2019 Presentation Boards